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As a compact craft (520mm diameter) the Droidworx CX-4 is designed for multiple tasks from extreme sports filming with POV cameras like GoPro HD and Contour or thermal imaging cameras (Tau/FLIR) for applications in the services sector such as surveillance, inspection of infrastructure/property (power lines, bridges, buildings, crops), fire spotting and SAR operations. Great care and resources were invested in the development of this craft, which is particularly valued for its potential to be of assistance in (natural) disaster zones and hazardous situations – as well as in planning and maintenance tasks.

As all Droidworx airframes the CX-4 is made of the highest quality components, UV resistant industrial strength materials and carbon fiber 3k twill (matt silver-lit finish) durable and vibrations absorbing booms for maximum performance. Aircraft grade anodized alloy bolts and nuts and fibre reinforced composite engine mount and boom mount components ensure durability and reliability.

The fully enclosed canopy is made of UV stable polycarbonate, allowing the craft to be flown in light rain or snow. The underbelly has slotted areas for airflow and cooling and mounting electronics components or extra battery power. The optional propeller protectors (in development) add further to safe and durable flying. The engine mounts provide for a flat 4 or coaxial (8 engines) setup and the cosmetically appealing engine mount boots protect your wires and thus minimizes the chance of electrical shorts in case of a mishap.

Optional accessories for the CX-4 include:

•a 180 degree tilt forward mount allowing visual aspects from vertically upward till vertically downward.

•a roll and tilt stabilized twin GoPro 3D mount.

•a tilt-only underbelly Point and Shoot mount

•removable propeller shields (in development)

We recommend AXi 2217/20 or Plettenberg Orbit 10 series or equivalent for this craft with Graupner 10/5 or 11/5 propellers.

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