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Pre-order your Mayday board today to receive by mid to late November.
Mayday is a super smart device that uses basic machine learning to determine if your quadcopter, tricopter, octocopter, or hexacopter is crashing. If it detects a crash it can deploy a wide range of servo based countermeasures.


You can program the Mayday to do a wide range of servo release motions to protect against a crash. This allows it to be used with almost any recovery system on the market.
The Mayday can be used all by itself without any connections to a flight controller. Connect the parachute release servo to the Mayday board then connect a small battery, and you’re ready to go! Connecting the Mayday to your flight controller adds an extra level of control when flying. For example: You are about to do something totally unexpected and new, like a flip, and you want to make sure Mayday doesn’t fire on accident. Simply adjust your RC servo input to the lower PWM range to tell Mayday not to fire and to try learning this new motion. Or adjust your RC servo input to the upper PWM range to override Mayday and to fire a recovery system.

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